Gifts That Build for a Better Tomorrow

Your gift, whether large or small, will strengthen our community Foundation and ensure it's future. Gifts can be made to the Foundation in numerous ways, including naming the Clinton County Community Foundation Inc in your will or designating the Foundation as a beneficiary of your annuity or insurance policy.

A simple and easy way to contribute to the Foundation and express love for a deceased friend or family member is to make a memorial contribution to the Foundation. For a minimum amount of $25.00, a memorial gift can be made.

The memorial gift can be sent to the Foundation at:

P.O. Box 652
Lock Haven, PA 17745

When making the gift, provide a name and address and we will send an acknowledgement of your memorial gift to the family whose loss is being memorialized.

Make an Eternal Gift of Hope

This year the Clinton County Community Foundation Inc approved over $208,000 in grant distributions to over sixty Clinton County charitable causes. You can become an everlasting part of the Foundation's annual commitments by creating a named fund.

"How it works"

With a contribution of $25,000 a fund can be established in your or a loved one's name. It need not be initially completely funded, but can be funded in $5,000 annual installments over five years. The income from your named fund can be designated for distribution for specific charitable purposes such as serving Clinton County libraries or educational scholarships; or the Fund can remain discretionary and be distributed at the discretion of the Foundation's Board of Directors for broad charitable purposes.

To find more about how you can establish a permanent named fund and make eternal your name and benevolence, please contact your legal or financial advisor or call the Clinton County Community Foundation Inc at 570-748-2481.