Why should we give to the Clinton County Community Foundation, Inc?

The Clinton County Community Foundation Inc provides a vehicle and a service for donors who wish to make a perpetual gift for the benefit of their community. A gift to the Clinton County Community Foundation Inc is an investment in the future charitable requirements of your community. The Foundation’s flexibility and continuity allows it to meet the needs of donors of all kinds. Charitable needs of a community change and vary from time to time. A need today may not exist ten years later. The flexibility of the Foundation permits it to meet the needs as they change over the years.

What charities can receive benefits from Clinton County Community Foundation, Inc?

Any charity whose primary service is within Clinton County and is “IRS” tax exempt.

What happens to the money once a gift is made to the Foundation?

It is currently invested by the trust departments of BNY Mellon. The income from the investments is then distributed to various charities within Clinton County.

Who decides how the income from the funds are distributed?

Unless the funds are specifically earmarked by the donor, the Board of Directors has the responsibility for distributing the income from the trust funds to the various charities in Clinton County. For grant application forms, contact the Foundation’s office.

Can I make a restricted gift?

Yes. Examples of this type of giving are the Sperring Trust which benefits senior citizens of the county. There are also several award and scholarship funds.

How can I give?

Smaller donations of $25 or more can be made as memorial gifts through the secretary at P.O. Box 652, Lock Haven, PA 17745, and these will be added to the Omnibus Fund. Acknowledgment of these gifts will be made to the appropriate family. Larger donations can be made by a lifetime gift or through your will.

Is there a tax advantage to giving now?

Yes. The Foundation qualifies for an IRS tax exemption. Gifts of appreciated assets may save the donor taxes. It is also possible to make a gift now of appreciated assets, retain the income for life, and still receive a sizable tax deduction. For more information, consult your attorney or call the Foundation office at (570) 748-2481.