Dear Friends,

Since 1968, the Clinton County Community Foundation has had a quiet yet remarkable history.

The Foundation began with the kindness of Clinton County citizen Jean Sharp Rempe, a records librarian at the Lock Haven Hospital. She gave $43,000 in memory of her late husband, Robert, to inaugurate the Foundation. Since that time many Clinton County residents have followed in Jean Sharp Rempe's footsteps and through their generous and consistent donations have augmented the initial contribution to now over $11,000,000 in total assets.

Because of this generosity, the Clinton County Community Foundation, Inc. has been a positive force for the future. Income from the Foundation assets have helped improve Clinton County by benefiting youth groups, libraries, the elderly, special needs children, medical and fire groups and museums

Here are a few highlights of the benefits this community received from the Clinton County Community Foundation, Inc.:

  • Since 1968, approximately millions of dollars in grants have been approved to benefit youth. Beneficiaries include the Infant Development Program, Clinton County Camp Cadet Program, Lock Haven YMCA, Clinton County United Way and many more.
  • Since 1968,  grants also have been approved for local libraries including Friendship Community Center, Beech Creek and the Renovo Branch of the Ross Library.
  • Approved grants to emergency medical and fire companies have totaled nearly $1 million. Among the recipients are Bucktail Medical Center, Citizens Hose Co. of South Renovo, Lamar Township, Beech Creek Blanchard and our area's other critical volunteer fire companies.
  • In its effort to sustain arts & culture, the Foundation has approved thousands of dollars to Millbrook Playhouse and the Clinton County Arts Council, for example.
  • Since 1968, the total approved grants to not-for-profit organizations have exceeded $7,000,000.
  • In 2023, because of the strong support that the Foundation received, we were able to award $592,000 to 61 not-for-profit organizations serving Clinton County.

Change has come to our country and our community. And the Clinton County Community Foundation, Inc. has adapted to better serve our residents.

The Foundation has a democratic and diverse approach to its governance. Once governed by a board of seven, your Foundation is now governed by a board of 11, representing a broader array of Clinton County constituencies.

With a broader group of leaders, we are working to become a more responsive, knowledgeable and effective Foundation. We also hope to widen the inspiration of giving to make Clinton County a better place for all of us.

We have also established guidelines for named funds. These permanent funds are to memorialize the Donor or the Donor's loved ones. Initial funding must be at $25,000 and can be provided via a schedule. Eternal distributions from these funds may be either for general charitable purposes of for Donor-designated charitable purposes. Examples include scholarships; maintaining a church building or library; funding drama at the Millbrook Playhouse, or recreational programs at the Lock Haven Area YMCA and the Western Clinton Recreation Center.

For more information on how you can set up a permanent charitable fund named after you or a loved family member, call the Foundation office at 570-220-1038.

We hope you enjoy reading about how far we have come and will consider how the Clinton County Community Foundation, Inc. can help you pay it forward to help enhance the lives of all of our residents.

The Clinton County Community Foundation, Inc. - a Legacy of Hope for Today and Tomorrow.